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When you say nothing and they heard everything
When things are hard but they always be your part
When they can see the best in you ,
When you choose to hide they hold you and takes you for a ride
Life is full of ups an down
It's totally depends on whom we choose as our soul guards
The wiser one will bliss it
And the another one will dolour it !!


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A define beauty

Beauty lies in the skin,
Not in the color!
Beauty offers the Heart,
Not the body!
It relaxes the soul,
Not the harmones!
Beauty lies in the eyes,
Not in the mind!
Beautiful is the one,
Who can stand out!
Not the one, who run!
Forget the curves,
Love the scars!
Don't go for the body,
Love the real beauty!!!! 👼

                       -  From a beautiful doll🙈🤗👼

"Be you"

Someone told me being rude gonna help me in my journey,
The Satan hearted people will never try to interact with me So I became the one!

Someone told me being alone will gave me sucess ,  The urge to have huge amount of it  I be the one !

Someone  told me if you fall for somebody,  You will loose your self control and became dependent  So I control my feelings and move on !

In the efforts of being someone  I lost my thoughts  I lost my soul  I lost my love ❤
My heart just told me, Be you & u will able to conquer the world The beauty of his soul Make me the one!!!

The Cold love !

"Passing time may heal your pain, Till you don't allow it"  "Stop holding on to what hurts and start making room for what feels Good." The people I left in my past
Has travelled with me in 
My heart, I swear to myslf never
look them back. But destiny have some 
anotherplans to pass.!

They destroyed me, In a such a
Happily way
Just giving me memories, 
And then Go away.
Believe me Darling,
You have just destroyed me, 
But That'sFine♥Cause? 
"You moved on" 
while  "I wanted to stay" !

How Stupid I Was !

-Komal Aggarwal