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Daddy's little angels

Daughter are the Fallen angels,  which god gifted to the guardians ! Appreciate her inner beauty, god will feel happy ! If your son will get you to the heaven,  it's your daughter that make your world heaven ! Give a chance to her, she will make you feel proud!  give your love to her, she will never let you down ! give your blessing to her, and god will give you thousand more !!                                                                              -  komal :)


The right person, the wrong time! The right script, the wrong line! the right poem, the wrong rhyme! and a piece of you, that was never mine!!


Mirror Mirror on the wall,  please make me thin, beautiful and tall !  Mirror Mirror if I colour my hair,  did they start to care !  Mirror Mirror if i gain some pounds, Did their love for me re-announce !  Mirror,Please say something,  As you see the ruining me !  After the hard pleading,Mirror decide to give a reply;  Dear Darling,  Start loving yourself, the world will please by itself !  Get out of your past, Otherwise ready to tore your soul apart !! :)


Dark world may disappear, what about the inner one! Dark cloud may blown away, what about the soul one! which take rest in you, with all its flaws! Thunder may apart the clouds,  who is gonna clear it out! Wonder! what will help you to figure it out, may be the good that resist in your heart!!