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Fragmentary love

She sees heaven in his eyes,
He sees hell in her heart!
She wanted to love him eternally,
But he chooses to run away firmly!
She wanted to be in his arms,
He settled by giving her a chance!
Even by putting all her effort,
He get apart and break her heart!
Now he came back wanting a chance,
But sorry as this time she is not ready to tore her soul apart!!


Life is too short ,
To regret!
Choose your words ,
With solace!
Don't mess it up,
You can't solve!
Once they go,
They won't come!
Destiny is gonna,
play a game!
Rule it,
If you can!
Word will hurt you more,
Destiny is gonna
Play some more!!


Meet me once more,
Let me live once more!
For now forget all,
Let me dream once more!
Life is too harsh ,
Let you soften my heart,
Only you can
Lead me breath once more!!

Scary nights

Days pass by somehow
But nights now are a wagon of a pain
Injuries may heal with time
But marks remain the same
Restless in my comfortable bed
I toss around and try to sleep
But thoughts are bulking my head
The past is flashing it's searching light beams
Tearing mae apart , breaking me at the seams
The darkness of my light can be seen more in night
And now I try to give it a voice through my imaginations!!


They want me to do What they want to do! I want to do  What I wish to do! Let's give a toss  If head comes  I will do  What I want to ! And  If tails comes, I will do What you don't want me to do!!

Free bird

Nazuk hu kamzor mt smjhana
Masum hu bvkuf Mt smjhana Ek din yeh nanhi si chidiya pankh felygi Khule aasman mae tumhe ucha ud k dikhyegi..

"Free bird"

She is going out,
By breaking all the protection of her house! She walks straight and confident, Without the fear of those society omnipotent! When she smiles and lifts her pants, It swiftly distract the man who is behind her back! Wearing those raiment which make her feel comfortable With out the shame of those hundred of trivials! Hanging out with different peeps, Won't make her character cheap! By calling her a slut,whore or escort You just showing up your own tawdry thoughts!!                                   ©Komal